Why SUV’s Are Getting More Popular In INDIA ?

16th October 2023 | 79 Views

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Here are some main reasons why SUV’s are getting more popular in INDIA.

1. INDIAN Roads

      The first and the main reason, why the INDIAN car buyers are buying SUV’s over sedan’s and hatchbacks is our roads.  Because apart from the Highways & Expressways, there is not that much good roads in INDIA till now to drive a sedan or hatchback without any stress.  All we have seen Some big size of speed breakers and some big pathholes in the rural area’s roads roads, which may damage the underbody parts of sedans or hatchback. So to avoid these types of problems, a car buyer wants a car with enough ground clearance which is available in a SUV.

2. Massive Look

    The second reason to choose a SUV over a sedan or hatchback is its massive look. Though the riding quality in a sedan is too good as compared to a SUV but the big look & the tall boy design of the SUV’s are attracting more customers towards it. And believe me, if you will go a drive with a SUV on the road, your SUV’s road presence will more than a sedan/hatchback. The seating position in SUV is high & the bonnet of the car will clearly visible to the driver, which helps for a better command on the road. For the old drivers there is no such issue for comanding position but For a new driver commanding position matters a lot.

3. Price & Mileage Difference

Price :- Nowadays sedan and hatchback’s price are also as same as SUV’s. So if people get a big looking SUV within the budget of a sedan or hatchback then why he/she will buy a small looking car.

(Example:- Hyundai i20 Vs Hyundai Venue, Hyundai Verna Vs Hyundai Creta, Maruti Suzuki Baleno Vs Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Vs Grand Vitara)

Mileage :- Nowadays SUV’s are also getting very good mileage. So there is not that much mileage difference between SUV & sedans/hatchbacks.

(So if the price and mileage difference between SUV and Sedan/hatchback is low then why a buyer will not buy a SUV.)

These are some main reasons why people are considering SUV’s more. New drivers are considering SUV’s more because of the commanding positon of SUV But those who are car enthusiasts they are buying cars which is suitable to them acording to their uses, that may be Sedan or SUV.





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