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Snap Shots On Social Media


26th April 2024 | 11 Views

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I am school teacher in government school. Our principal madam do allow students to bring mobile #phones to school. Students are very strictly instructed to use the same in rare emergency. Most of the students go by this rule.They know this very well if any student is seen making use of #mobile phone for #luxury then there is heavy fine that will be charged from same. 

I as teacher has observed that students among themselves do talk about #photos loaded on #social media. I as teacher find these types of photos make #anxiety among students. Students try to #compete with each other for #collection of materialistic things. Which is not a good habit for #teenagers

These important issues my school principal madam do #raise in parents teachers #meeting. She counsels parents and says “parents please see to it that kids do not get #attention of show business through #social media photos.It is time for them to learn -reading,writing and using #hands on skills in science lab. School is trying its level best to follow these rules. We teachers will be thankful to parents if they #co-operate in this endeavor of school. “

Many parents do #co-operate but many some how are not able to do so. Teachers burden in this case become more as they have to teach #skills and subject #contents and at same time have to #mend children so that they remain away from #social media impact. 

Sometimes unknowingly mothers of kids also talk about #photos on social media with their #kids without realizing that it is time for little pure #souls to gain some knowledge in #science ,maths, languages and #communication skills.I as teacher think this can be #avoided

Moral-Small children are like #unbaked pitchers. We as teachers and parents should try our best to equip little angels with #good manners, #good reading writing habits and #communication skills.


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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