Friendship 1


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Constance Ajieroh

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Come behold and see👀💜
This strange phenomenon 
A complex enigma
A philosophy that challenges the greatest and unyielding Thomas minds
The way of friendship tis is the matter

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How doth two unlike souls crafted with unalike metabolism, DNA, mind, build, personalities, and functional differences, align, befriend, unite, commune, and collaborate on the same spectrum and frequency merging a mutual concord merit of ovations. This concept is not deluded but rather ubiquitous and appraised; where one hand joins in another in simple harmony and bliss and tongues quickened to strive, rather thrive.

Friendship 2
A confluence where souls communicate without barriers and words are spoken without interaction 
Oh behold this beautiful wonder!
How you and I call ourselves friends
Uphold, behold, defend, and blanket each other

Gay Couple Going Through Rough Times, Comforting Each Other, Exp
You were a stranger before.

How subtle and tricky did time fly that our steps became so intertwined and our feet knot together 
Seemingly as if we are joined at the hip and held spell bound by genuine love
Where your cry aches my heart and a crease on your brow greases my smile
Where your disappointments become my failed appointments and your sorrows our shared furrow
Where your joys break my heart into surpassing joy and your beams of smile gaze sunlight down on me 

Friendship 4

I stand in this great awe of jovial concoction of minds where previously unalike minds travel in the same direction without identical compass. I could go on and on about how you seem to understand and deeply resonate with me in every situation.
How our heartbeats sync with every thought and your face mirrors my entire reaction
How you never miss my texts and take away all fears with your wholesome response.
How you fit in the category of a listening ear, a shoulder to cry, a pillow to rest on, and a hand to instruct as each situation unboxs itself
It is the surest truth that I can be all kinds of me with you without an iota of guilt or self-consciousness.

Frienship 52
I’ve never been more glad to say I love you from the depths of my soul 
An oasis in the desert is who you are
Not one in a million; you’re one in a lifetime
Because none compares to you

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Being with you is an ecstasy of joy and I bless God every day that this once peripheral  stranger is now a most beloved friend 



Constance AjierohLast Seen: Apr 11, 2024 @ 6:53pm 18AprUTC

Constance Ajieroh



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