How To Choose Wall Tiles

How to Choose Wall Tiles?

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  • 9 Things to Consider Before Choosing Wall Tiles
    • Room Size
    • Tiles Size
    • Colour Scheme
    • Grouting
    • Texture and Pattern
    • Tile Finish
    • Current Trends
    • Advance Planning
    • Set the budget
  • Wrap Up

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Wall tiles design is important as it determines your room’s appearance. However, the availability of various types of tiles in the market, comprising different designs, patterns, styles, shapes, and materials, makes it difficult to choose the ideal one.

So, how to clear the confusion?

Worry not. We have come up with a guide that will help you choose among the various options.

9 Things to Consider Before Choosing Wall Tiles

Installing new tiles is actually a good investment while renovating a house. It can dramatically change the appearance of a room and make it more attractive.

So, here we go with some key guidelines to make things easier for you!

Room Size

Larger tiles give a feeling of space and openness. The area will appear more consistent if floor tiles are used on the walls. Again, floor tiles will have a stronger finish and more durable construction to survive traffic. Hence they will last longer on walls too.

You can use light-colored tiles for a small room. It will amplify the feeling of openness in a tiny room. If your room is larger, you can choose from bright to dark tiles.

Tiles Size

The right tiles size is important for residential areas. There are many tile sizes available in the market to suit your needs.

As mentioned before, you should choose a larger one with lighter shades for smaller areas. On the other hand, choose tiles with bold colors for larger spaces like bedrooms, hall rooms, and living rooms.

Colour Scheme

The color of your wall tiles is a matter of your personal preference, but a few hints may help you. A light color wall is calming and makes your rooms look brighter. The kitchen may appear great with bold-colored tiles, but the living room may look gloomy.

Again, dark rooms work best with glossy finishes and light-colored tiles because they reflect more light. However, make sure the wall tiles match the color of the cabinet.


You need to ensure proper sealing. Hence an expert sealing agent for grouting is essential. In this regard, contrast grouting can make your room looks much more appealing than the ordinary. They are like harmonious textures that would provide a very precise effect.

Texture and Pattern

It’s up to you whether you like a glossy or matt appearance. While a natural terracotta tile lacks a shine and would require sealing to prevent staining, a glazed tile is simple to clean. So, it is completely your choice.

Tile Finish

Gloss finish tiles have a lovely reflective surface that reflects light, brightens the room, and provides the house with a feeling of openness. They are likely to become slick when moist. Hence shiny ones shouldn’t be utilized in the kitchen or bathroom.

On the other hand, matte finish ones do not readily display marks or dust and are non-reflective, slip-resistant, and durable. Moreover, slip-resistant tiles decrease the chance of slipping in wet places.

Hence you can use them in places like the bathroom and kitchen. However, pick tiles with a Coefficient of Friction level greater than 0.6 for the best protection.

Current Trends

The easiest way to choose your style is to read through several popular online magazines. Normally, dark, highlighter, and light foundation tiles are used for bathroom and kitchen walls. But as fashions change, single-color base tiles or polished tiles are also preferred.

Advance Planning

Always prepare in advance! Avoid making a last-minute tile purchase because there is a good chance that things will go horribly wrong. If the tiles are incorrect or faulty, you can exchange them or send them back if you plan properly.

Set the budget

When starting the project, you need to think about your budget first. The price of various tile kinds differs. Like, the genuine stone options are slightly more expensive.

Whatever you choose, be sure it improves the visual appeal of your house, gives quality, and ensures longevity.

Also, measure the precise number of tiles needed for the flooring and remember to add 10% waste to the total. To make purchasing the floor tiles a little bit simpler, set a budget in mind.

Wrap Up

You can pick the ideal tiles for your home by following all these instructions. If you consider all these facts before buying wall tiles, you may be able to choose the right wall tiles for your place.

Hope the article reduces your confusion about picking the right tiles and gives you a precise idea of what other things you need to keep in mind.

Lisa VincentLast Seen: Jun 12, 2023 @ 1:49am 1JunUTC

Lisa Vincent



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