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Concept Chemistry Involved in Making Tea-Reflection On Life

Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Apr 19, 2024 @ 6:14pm 18AprUTC
Sukarma Thareja

5th April 2024 | 14 Views
Milyin » 589002 » Concept Chemistry Involved in Making Tea-Reflection On Life

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I am science teacher in government school. In winter in India some cities are really very #cold. Temperature goes quiet low around 4 #degree Centigrade. Therefore to deal with cold situation some teachers, after  two classes quickly go for  #masala  tea before taking class. It really looks that sometimes in winter tea become #equivalent to life. 

Thinking on these lines I wrote small article on  #masala Tea vs Life for my students. I am listing the same for my respected readers. 

For making #masala tea first step is to #boil one cup water ,with required spices like ginger, Cinnamon,lemongrass for a while. This first step in making of masala tea guides us to boil of #ego in life. 

In second step in making of masala tea add #half spoon of tea leaves . In boiled water so that tea leaves get #simmered . This process is done on #low flame. There is evaporation of water on #surface of tea. #Evaporation of water in masala tea guide us to evaporate all  #worries  in life. 

In 3rd step in making of masala tea is to add one third #cup of milk in it and simmer again on low flame. There is #evaporation of water  on surface of tea and one can feel #good aroma of tea leaves combined with #cream of milk. The formation of white bubbles on surface of tea is sign of #evaporation of water consequently white milk cream become #little thick.

Tea is covered with lid for a while to extract  more aroma of tea leaves.In this 3 rd step there is #dilution of milk in formation of tea. 3rd step in making of masala tea  guides us for dilution of #sorrows in life. Try to forget sorrows in life. 

4 th step in making of masala tea is #filtration of masala tea in hot surfaced cup. This step guides us for filtration of  #mistakes in life. 

Step one to four in making of masala tea is correlated with

1.concept of chemistry learned in high school #chemistry.

2  important emotions like #boiling of ego, #dilution of sorrows, #filtration of mistake and evaporation of #worries in one’s life. 

In chemistry -there is difference between #boiling and #evaporation. Boiling involves all the molecules of #water. While #evaporation is only involved at surface of water. 

Similarly egos in life are negative emotions, there for at each moment in life one should not let ego enter in any #activity of life. Which indicates #ego should be #boiled of from one’s #personality

Other correlation mentioned above in making of masala tea is #evaporation of worries. This guides one that worries are #surface emotions of one’s personality. Therefore #worries from one’s life should be #evaporated

as fast as possible. 

Moral-one’s #emotions  like worries,ego,mistakes and sorrows in life can be correlated with filtration, evaporation, dilution, boiling concept in chemistry and these further can be correlated to steps involved in making of masala tea.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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