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Messenger Of Events-Good Thoughts

29th April 2024 | 12 Views

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By :magdalena Smolnicka

I was going for an invited talk to another school.My brain was busy and full of many different types of #thoughts.I hope my #thought goes well n my presentation .I hope questions asked in end by audience are good.

Some times I feel there are #messengers sent out by my mind which are my #thoughts, they shape my actions and deeds by which I #structure my life.

I  remembered my mother,  she used to say give your #thoughts a right  food.Always be #positive in your thinking.Be creative in your #thoughts. Wonderful things will follow from same.Since you are the one responsible for your #thoughts therefore always be simple and remain #honest with them.

Thoughts build your fate.In epic# Mahabharata warrior Arjuna was hesitant to fight as his train of #thoughts used to warm him”Arjuna how can you fight and kill your dear and near ones in fight”.But on other hand lord Krishna’s #thoughts were different.Krishna preached Arjuna and said”Dear Arjuna you are fighting for #dharma which is first duty to society and humanity.”Arjuna’s thought and Lord Krishna’s thoughts shaped their #characters in epic Mahabharta.

To become good public #speaker or brilliant teacher one must organize one’s #thoughts. One can make place and glory  in one’s society through one’s pure #thoughts.

Moral-Good #thoughts are one’s best friends.Never betray them.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986


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