Do You Believe in Aloneness

29th April 2024 | 14 Views

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I am science teacher in government school. Every year I happen to get some #introvert students in my class. I as teacher always make some #extra efforts to make them socialize with other students of class.I have student –Suresh in my class. When ever I get new #books for my #science library ,I  take his help for numbering of books etc. He is very fond of #science books.When ever he  gets time,he  very fondly visits #library and read books .

 I also encourage Suresh to do  #story telling of what ever he  reads in book.Initially it was very difficult for Suresh to #face his own class students but gradually he is  improving .In #PTA meeting Suresh’s father himself told me “madam my son has improved a lot”.I said to Suresh’s father”Sir, Suresh used to be #lonely child of my class.He refused to be #friendly with other students.Gradually through his good reading habits I persuaded him to become #story teller.Now he has come out of his #loneliness.But he prefers to be #alone and work.This #aloneness activity of sitting in library and helping me arrange books of library has made him #confident student of class”

There are other students like Suresh who are #lonely.They are not able to #socialize with friends. Rakesh is also lonely child,but he is good in #fine arts.Through his fine art activity he is able to beat his #oneliness.Many students come and talk to Rakesh about his fine arts project.During this process he has come out of his #loneliness and is happy with his #fine arts.But now there is a difference.He is not #lonely but he feels happy in his project while he is #alone.That makes him practical and #strong child.


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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