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Do You Help Your Mother in Crochet Activity—–

29th April 2024 | 15 Views

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Freeform Crochet

I am school teacher in government school. During week ends in evening I with my children go to park.There are five senior citizen ladies, who are very good in #crochet work.Some time I consult them for complex secrets of crochet art.Actually word crochet is derived  from french word #croche which means a hook.A long hook is used to weave yarn by making# loops of yarn in art of crochet(figure shown above).

I some time discuss with my #maths teacher how crochet art can help younger children to develop concept of #mathematics.I said”crochet is a challenge for our brain.Brain remains attentive as for making #patterns either one increases stitches or decreases stitches .This activity makes new pathways(neural) in brain and help in retention of memory.It is an art which help in# reducing anxiety and makes one’s mind calm.If one wishes to achieve mental relaxation then one should learn art of crochet. This wonderful activity also gives one sense of achievement.

One student said”madam my granny used to teach higher maths to 11-`12 class.She used to tell her students that with help of crochet art one can  make #hyperbolic surface in hyperbolic space. #Hyperbolic surface can be built through crochet art by increase of stitches  or decrease of stitches. The same is shown in figure below.

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Moral-Crochet art teaches kids geometry fundamentals.It makes students alert and focused.

Sukarma Thareja


Alumnus IITK 1986


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