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The 1 simple habit of reading a book and how it can change your life

Akshat HatwalLast Seen: Apr 9, 2024 @ 10:11am 10AprUTC
Akshat Hatwal

11th March 2024 | 6 Views
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In a world filled with digital distractions and content, the habit of reading is probably the best way for personal transformation. Reading books can boost your creativity and all the other aspect of your life books can change our perspective on things which we would never consider before and most importantly changing your life.

Why Should You Develop A Reading Habit

Developing a reading habit is probably the best habit I have and is the single most thing which has changed my life. So some benefits aside from enjoying the process are -:

  1. It enhances critical thinking
  2. It also expands our grammar and vocabulary and makes us better in Comprehension
  3. It also helps us to connect with others

How To Make It Enjoyable

The biggest problem with reading is that people they take it as a task instead of focusing on the process of enjoying it reading a book is about creating a experience that leaves you eager for more.

Some tips for making the process more enjoyable are -:

  1. Choose a book that genuinely piques your interest whether it’s a thriller, a romance, or a biography.
  2. Set aside some dedicated time for reading each day which has to be done by the end of the day.
  3. Create a environment which has minimal distractions and you can either study in silence or put some music on the background.
  4. Find your preferred reading style it can be e-book or a physical book or maybe even a audio-book.
  5. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING don’t make it a burden you don’t have to complete the book if you don’t like it you can always drop it.

How To Read A Book

Hopefully by now you are convinced of building a habit for reading and have also learnt how to enjoy the process but now comes the most important part how to actually read a book because many people do it wrong and have no idea on how to fix it so here are some steps

  1. Read the summaries of the book or skim through it before completely investing your time in it.
  2. Use your fingers to track where you are this is probably the biggest key takeaway you should take from this article using this your speed also increases and distraction are also reduced
  3. Participate in a reading club or a community it can be online or offline here you can get ideas for books to read, you can get some more additional tips on reading book, and share your own experience with reading the book. This club can also be a factor of motivation
  4. Feel free to take breaks this article is all about enjoying the process so take breaks whenever you feel like it.
  5. Feel free to skip chapters which you don’t have interest in reading every single chapter is not so important as reading the main part and remembering it and even if you miss any information you can always go back to it.

How To Remember What You Read

You have read a book and you really liked it but there’s no point in reading a book if you can’t remember it recalling information and applying it to your life is the most important part of the journey of reading. Here are some tips for doing so – :

  1. Reflect and review whatever you read whenever you read a book write a review of it and to make it more enjoyable share it with the community you joined earlier
  2. Note down some important things or some really good line you read and jot it down in your notes app or your physical notebook whichever you have and then you can go back and reflect it later when you find the time.
  3. Space out your reading time so that you are not cramming because that’s the worst enemy of understanding.

Where To Go From Here

Now that you have learnt all the basic of reading here are some more tips for making this journey unforgettable

  1. Start making a streak of reading every day and punish yourself in some way if you break it and start over once you miss two consecutive days
  2. Build your own personal library – just get a bookshelf and pack it with books that have changed your life and you absolutely loved reading.
  3. Discover different sources for reading

My Favorite Book and recommendation 

  • Legend by Marie Lu
  • How to become a Straight A Student by Cal Newport
  • Divergent by Veronica Roth
  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
  • Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
  • Tweet Cute by Emma Lord
  • All I ever want is you by Nikhil Raj
  • Third Best by Arjun Rao
  • The upsides of falling by Alex Light
  • A Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley

I hope you have considered reading now and are excited to start on your reading journey. If you have any feedback or require any kind of help please do comment I’ll try my best to respond to you as quickly as possible. Have A Great Time on your journey

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Have a Great Day

Akshat HatwalLast Seen: Apr 9, 2024 @ 10:11am 10AprUTC

Akshat Hatwal



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