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Tirunelli otherwise known as PAPANASINI

Tirunelli otherwise known as “PAPANASINI” in Vayanad district is famous for its epical story on salvation.The great temple ,where the idol worship is Lord Mahavishnu  is a standalone architecture surrounded by its scenic beauty.Its situated on the top,after the climbing of some steps. Me and my mother visited there day after yesterday on 23rd December.We saw many  pilgrims progressing there likewise as in (English Author)Bunyan’s’Pilgrim Progress’.We climbed down  from the very steep hill top(with steps and without steps-rocks) and atlast reached down  in the spring(lake) which  was full of crystal clear water. My mother”s dedication was very praiseful .She is 71 years old.She insisted to reach there because she wanted to pray for my  died (Jan 2016 2,81 years old)father.His love is immortal.He lives after death also in our hearts.
We all know that an island means ,aplace which is surrounde by water.To reach Kuruva island we have to  take   a strong yatch like vehicle which is fully made up of Bamboos.Each and everyone have to wear LifeJackets till they reach  the island in that marine transport.We  walked for more than half  an hour to reach the actual Kuruva island.In between there were many   strong bridges made up of Bamboos.Me and my cousin sister went there took many pictures due its beuty of nature.Many touristers from different places(from India & outside) were there.
There is a well- known story behind the Banasura Sagar Dam.Who was Banasura? He was one of the Demon King.He had a beautiful princess daughter Usha.The grandso  of Lord Almighty Shri Krishna,whose name was Anirudhan wanted to marry her.Usha’s maid who knew magic helped her and USHAPARINAYAM happened which is a very famous story in Hindu Mythology. Dam is very strongly built and lengthy. It’s  beauty is very appreciating.
Yesterday was the last  day of the trip.Famous Edakkal Caves was the next laurel we achieved yesterday.Climbing up of the slope was very difficult.I thought  of quitting this plan .But my sister encouraged me.However I coverd half of the way.We were told that ,we can’t quit from that point of the path. The Security man won’t allow that.Because there begins ROCK-BUILD CAVES OF Edakkal.That was the minute ,I have “To Be ,Or Not To Be”.Entire team was full of enthusiastic and answer very positive-minded.Result was that ,we reached there at  the GIGANTIC,BIG ROCK CAVES IN EDAKKAL.We took many pictures to describe to our relatives and friends.Small children with grown-up people also tried it and were successful.JOURNEY TO EDAKKALS CAVES WAS A TRIUMPH.We also enjoy the beuty of Garden Tea Leaves.May Lord Almighty always Protect us.Pictures will soon be uploaded about our travelogue.




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