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Do you Drink Best Coffee of World—-

29th April 2024 | 14 Views

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I am science teacher in government school.There was a #science conference in science college in Indonesia.

I, with my friend Radha along with my friend went for #poster presentation in science conference in Indonesia .At conference place we met educators from Europe.They said”in India in villages we find some thing unique. They paste #cow dung over walls of their hut to make it #strong and cooler.”

Other gentleman said”other unique thing I found is #cow urine is used as medicine in certain ailments”

In conference break fast we were served with #KOPI LUKAW. Kopi in Indonesia means #coffee while LUKAW is Indonesian cat like furry animal.It is called #civet cat.

An Indonesian educator said”this is a special and best coffee produced by our country.For its #unique flavor it is very famous all over world. Actually coffee  beans are not beans.They are part of #coffee fruit shown in figure above.Civets are fed with healthy coffee fruits and #poo of civet cat is cleaned and turned into coffee.”

Our other friend from Indonesia said”actually animal civet cat# intestine secrets special #enzyme and in the process acid of intestine interacts with beans and makes beans #smoother,soft and less sour in taste compare to ordinary coffee beans..Civet poo is washed and #cleaned properly and then roasted at  400 #fahrenheit temperature and then grinded to convert it to famous kopi lukaw.”

My friend from Bali said”in INDIA also many companies are trying to produce Kopi Lukaw”

I said”As our educator friends from Europe find use of cow dung and  cow urine very unique similarly we Indian find preparation of kopi Lukaw very unique.”

Our friend from US said”though in US we drink kopi Lukaw very fondly yet there are many question marks to its preparation.Some of our scientist friend argue that we are #punishing civet cat by putting it in cage.More over this procedure is disturbing $environment cycles and equilibrium.”

I said “lots of food we love eating or drinking are weird-but we do not stop them from eating if they taste good”.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986


e- Mail-sukarma

Science of Life and Nature: A Photo Poetry Collection: Sukarma Thareja: 9781521260067: Books

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