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Difference Between Natural gas-CNG-LPG-LNG—-

29th April 2024 | 12 Views

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Closeup Shot Beautiful Blue Green Flame Gas StoveI am science teacher in government school.One of my student asked me”what is #natural gas.?”

Other student said”it is odorless gases mixture of #Hydrocarbon

I asked”name  hydrocarbon which account for about  30 percent of the #energy use?

Another student said methane.

I said”natural gas is composed of 70-90 percent# methane.

I asked”what other four gases present in natural gas”

Other student said”ethane,propane butane and pentane”

I  said” by product of burning Natural gas is #carbon dioxide, #nitrogen dioxide and water vapours.  NaturaL gas has highest  energy content with a value of about 50000kJ per kilogram while coal has the lowest with a value of about 30000kJ per kg”

Another student said”Madam #CNG is natural gas compressed under pressure.I know this as my car is run by CNG”

Other student said” #LPG is not natural gas but is derived from natural gas processing.It has higher energy content.It is portable and available every where.I know this as in my home gas stove is run by LPG. My father runs truck by #LNG(Liquified natural gas)

I said”CNG is lighter than LNG.In case of leakage CNG goes up while LNG spreads in ground. CNG has less amount of carbon compare to LNG,therefore produces less amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide on combustion.”

I further said”CNG is primarily  made of methane,while LPG is made up of propane.”


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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