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29th April 2024 | 11 Views

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Iso Republic Motherhood 0262I am science teacher in government school. I am in charge of #co curricular  activity of school. Students in my school come from various back grounds. 

One of my very good student Radha lost her #mother. Her mother had cancer. She battled with #cancer for quite long time. Radha was broken due to lose of her #love that is mother. She Said”madam in my dream also never imagined that my mother, my love will go from my life so soon. “

I said “dear Radha I know it is a# irreparable lose for you. Love Affection and care of #mother is unique. Children feel so relieved when they share their problems with their #mother. Please be patient in life.Time is great #healer.”

I further said”dear Radha without your realizing #new love will enter your life in one form or other. Better #friends you will find in life who will teach you many good things in life. Every moment will become #lesson for you as you will have to work harder than before. Absence of #mother will make you more strong and wise. When God #shut downs one way of help in life, he opens many other ways to help. His ways of giving help are #mysterious. Be positive dear student. It is #tough time of your life. It is a #litmus test of your  life. Be strong and make #dialogue with allmighty evey day. He will give you strength to face difficult phase of your life. “


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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