I Know Your Secret…….

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3rd July 2024 | 7 Views | 0 Likes

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Most men, if you ask them what is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body,
they’ll most likely reply, “Her breasts, her neck, her ear or maybe even her
inner thigh.”
I’ve realized that it’s not your breasts, your neck, your ear or your

inner thigh………..
it’s your mind. 
So, if a man wants to really take you to that next

level, he’ll need to start there hours before he even touches you.
To put it simply, it’s not just about the physical;
 it’s about creating an emotional experience that should take you to a place where passions explode like
fireworks in your mind leaving you physically and emotionally exhausted from the journey.
Some may agree while others may not, but only those who have

been there truly know.

Dreamer writer



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