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Philosophy Implementation in Real Life.


28th April 2024 | 13 Views

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I am science teacher in government school. I as teacher believe in fact some rules of #philosophy which one believes should be #implemented in real life. The same advice I give to my students whenever I get platform to do so. 

My submissions are following. I am listing some of them for my respected students and #esteem readers. 

If I happen to borrow book/ notes from library I make it a point to #return in time. Same rule I apply if I happen to #borrow money from a person. 

I as teacher respect every person involved in #teaching/learning endeavour honestly. 

I practice writing on some or other topic which I think worth writing. This activity give me #satisfaction and peace. Same I paste on notice board of my school. 

I do discourage my self to present myself on #social media Facebook/Instagram.

I try my best to take out some time from my busy schedule to read english/hindi newspaper. That make my self to remain in touch with my country #salient news. 

I do #spiritual activity in morning at home before leaving for school. That makes my #conscious clear and that spiritual energy keeps me going. 

I take care of needs and #academic – co curricular activity of my own children also. For that I give them quality time. 

On regular basis I try my best to remain up date with #digital technology educational tools so that I could do #justice to my students. 

I think science education is not complete without #practicals. Some time I call my older students #half an hour early to school to set up experiment in lab which I #demonstrate to lower class students whom I am involved in teaching. This practice makes students to have habit of #gratitude expression toward school at the same time they get in habit of #helping younger students. 

Education is two way #process. To make learning smooth and easy I take help of art #activity. Students who are good in arts I take their help in making #good figures with good color combination and use the same to explain concept like #chemical bonding, use of #mitochondria in cell function to my  visual learner. 

I take help from good active students to make #educational collage of contents of my lecture to make my #visual learners good and efficient in science. 

My overall aim is to develop #critical thinking  and analytical power of my students. All these activities I do in school, make me equip  to be better and #humble person and mother at home. For that I am grateful to almighty and respected school #administration and #authorities

Moral -Being teacher is big #responsibility. Teacher has to develop over all personality of children. With  impact of science #technology  one should introduce new #education tools  while teaching.


sukarma Thareja




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