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Letting go of negative feelings or the past makes you a focused person.

Holding on to hurt is like keeping your wounds from healing!20221224 055644 0000

Dwelling on your hurtful feelings or past is like a constant toothache that tells you that it is not going, despite the number of painkillers you consume!

Not letting go of your hurts or pasts hinders you from becoming successful.

Not letting go of your past is like going from grace to grace!

A successful mind tries to let go of the past, no matter how hard it is!

Nothing good comes easy. We all know that. But that is why the past remains the past! 

A successful mind tries to ex out the pain by not referring to the hurtful past or feelings.

A successful mind should be childlike. When children quarrel with each other, the next minute you see them playing together.

Are you willing to be successful? Let go of that bitter and hurtful feeling or past.

As a horseman spurs his horse towards the finishing line, so should you steer yourself towards your goals and objectives.

Shakirat Raji



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