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Do not Hesitate to Ask Questions

27th April 2024 | 7 Views

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I am science #teacher in government school. I prefer teaching students by #question answer technique. Some time I show simple #experiment to my class in lab. I ask students to write #observation of experiment in their lab note #books

In home work I ask my students to find possible #interpretation of experiment observation. For same students are allowed to consult their #NCERT book and #chemistry practical book. I also send #digital link of same through email to make students work simple. In this exercise students remain #active and are forced to find reason behind observation of ₹₹experiment. 

Some time after giving lecture on key concept, I show students #video or slides of same in class. In home work I ask students to write #summary of what was taught in class. 

I strongly believe it is better to ask #questions of relevant content rather giving students #information directly. Question answer technique increase students #critical thinking which goes long way with them in #future

I also believe in dealing with #numerical problems of particular topics. In home work I give my students numerical problems asked in #previous board examinations. Some times I  change #units of quantity given in numerical so that students could solve same numerical problem in #different units. 

Moral- If teacher wishes to increase #critical thinking of one’s students then one should ask #questions to students rather than giving simple information regarding the required #concept of subject matter. 


Sukarma Thareja


Alumnus IITK


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