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Setting Boundaries for Peaceful Future

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30th March 2024 | 7 Views
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I am teaching science in government school. My friend manju was teaching maths in our school. 

Manju got married to gentle man who worked in IT sector. Manju’s #mother in laws was mostly on night duty. Manju was not able to come in time to school. Manju said to me ” Madam there is small #problem about our timings. My mother in law comes back home in the #morning around 4 am. That put #stress on my day to day activity,  I get up early in morning to give my respected mother in law tea etc. In this exercise I don’t get full doze of my sleep. This mismatch in my and my mother in law timings make me report late in school. “

I said “dear Maju there are situations in life when one has to set boundaries. For this problem you must set boundaries and convey to your respected mother in law with all due #respect that I cannot get up before 6am.If I do so everyday I will not be able to reach school in time. 

Manju said “I am so hesitant to convey this problem to my mother in law. I am #afraid she may not like this. “

I said “dear Manju by setting boundaries to your #problem you are respecting your mother in law and at the same time you are finding the way how to reach #school in time. “

I said “dear Manju , my friend Radha left her government job after marriage as her school was 3 hours away from her house. All this Radha did as she has set her #boundaries to her problem that she can’t spend total 6 hours in travelling for her job”.

Moral – In day to day life every individual faces some or other problem. But one must set one’s #boundaries to problem to make life straight and peaceful. 


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


Sukarma TharejaOnline

Sukarma Thareja


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