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Top On-demand Mobile App Ideas to Launch in 2024

David RicksLast Seen: Mar 1, 2024 @ 10:20am 10MarUTC
David Ricks

1st March 2024 | 2 Views
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On-demand apps have helped people in their daily lives. Many startups are identifying people’s pain points and solving them with the help of on-demand apps. Everything is done through on-demand apps, from booking a taxi to shopping to learning new languages. Did you know? 80% of startups in 2023 have been operating to solve a specific need of people through mobile apps. If you are an entrepreneur looking to start your startup in 2024 and looking for the best on-demand app idea, this blog is the perfect one to read. Here in this blog, we come up with the best on-demand app ideas that have been the gold mine for various startups that have turned into unicorns. Let’s get started

Simple On-demand App Ideas to Launch in 2024

On-demand Uber-like Taxi Booking Apps

Traveling from one place to another doesn’t seem a difficult task today as of in the early 90s. Where people have to walk the road to hire a taxi and use public transport for traveling. Thanks to the idea behind the ride-hailing app Uber which made commuting easier than ever for people around the world. Now people can easily travel from one place to another by booking a cab anywhere anytime by clicking their smartphones. 

Taking inspiration from Uber many startups have launched taxi booking apps in a respective region and become successful generating millions of dollars in revenue. Some of the popular ones include Lyft, Grab, etc. Even though there are more taxi booking apps available in the market, there a still more opportunities left in most parts of the world. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur then making use of this opportunity with the help of the Uber clone app to build a taxi booking app in your region can be a great option.  In addition to these above uber app you can consider ideas such as Uber for handyman app too. 

On-demand Uber Eats like Food Delivery Apps

After its successful journey in the transportation industry, In 2014 Uber entered into the food delivery industry by launching its Uber Eats app which became a huge success around the world. As Uber Taxi helps in the easy booking of taxis Uber Eats helps people with the ordering of food from their nearby restaurants and a delivery personnel will deliver to their doorstep. Following the success of Uber Eats many food delivery startups launched and became successful in their region. 

Some of the popular ones include Doordash, Grubhub, etc. This doesn’t mean new apps can’t enter the market and become successful. The food delivery industry is an ever-growing industry and there are still a lot of hidden opportunities waiting to be explored. Building with white label solution like the Uber Eats clone app can reduce the development cost and speed up the time to market. 

OnDemand Healthcare Apps 

Healthcare plays an important role in the lives of people. Without good health, nothing is possible in this world. To keep health good more and more technology-related advancements are being implemented and used by people. Some of the healthcare-related apps are Telemedicine apps, Doctor appointment booking apps, Health tracking apps, medical billing apps, Fitness tracking apps, and much more to boost a healthy lifestyle among people. So creating a healthcare app can be a good choice that attracts a huge user base to your app. 

Zocdoc and Practo are the popular on-demand healthcare apps that are widely used by people around the world. You can take inspiration from them to build a similar Practo clone app to enrich your healthcare startup. But don’t simply replicate them address the difficulties in the existing healthcare apps and try to resolve them with your apps.

On-demand Udemy-like Elearning Apps

Elearning apps has transformed how people learn something. Replacing the traditional method of learning by online learning elearning apps plays a huge role in students, professionals who cant learn by visiting the place. Elearning apps helps in learning from anywhere anytime around the world without visiting the physical learning center. Some of the popular elearning apps include Udemy, Courseera etc that has used by millions of people around the world. 

Ondemand Video Streaming Apps

Entertainment is the one that keeps people engaged and active most of the time. Previously people tend to entertain themselves by visiting theatres or watching televisions. With the help of Video streaming apps people now spend most of time in mobile phones watching videos. 

Did you know around 60% of people in the united states are subscribed to one of the OTT apps. This shows the rising demand of OTT apps and people who are looking to enter the entertainment industry can capitalize this by launching their own Video streaming app, Netflix, Sony Liv, Amazon Prime are some of the most widely downloaded OTT apps by the people around the world. Taking inspiration from them you can build a video streaming app like Netflix with the help of Netflix clone app


These are some of the popular ondemand app ideas that are popular among the people and almost all the apps in the sector have become successful. There is a lot of room for apps in this sector. Do a detailed research in your region about the audience and their pain points. Analyzing these things and build a app that truly satisfies the needs of the customers. This will definitely take you in the success path without any hassles. If you need help in building your app, Appticz is the best mobile app development services provider can help you in building your mobile app. 

David RicksLast Seen: Mar 1, 2024 @ 10:20am 10MarUTC

David Ricks



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