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Wise or Fool

1st March 2024 | 2 Views

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From dawn of ages to the dust over mausoleum 
The bug of perfection’s like scrubs in an asylum 
The best don’t rest ! But alas they halt for the sure ! 
How far can you flee from the true face of yours !

Oh it’s great ! You achieved everything under the sun
Yeah! A grand dignity to spread ya reign over unknown 
But! Are you sure that there’s nothing left to conquer !
If affirmed then why ya hands trembling with thy sword !

Too afraid to admit the truth , Ain’t your majesty !
Over deception and trickery lies ya great dynasty .
The irony is a charming yet cunning & playful lad
Dumb rules the state only when the wise stay mad

Saisubham Nayak



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