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20221221 123228 0000ABHOR FEAR.

Fear paralyses you. Mentally and physically.

It amputates your dreams and expectations.

Fear tells you how inferior you are.

Fear promotes discouragement in everything you desire to do.

Fear makes you a creator of excuses and self-doubt.

Fear makes you a dwarf amongst giants.

Fear makes you hopeless. You see the future as bleak.

Fear is a destroyer! Fear makes the strongest man weak! 

Fear promotes failure. Fear makes you a pessimist!

For you to be successful, never allow FEAR to take root in your life and mind.

Fear never offers you the right things. When you are fearful, you never to make the right decisions.

A successful mind always abhors fear. Fear is an enemy that should be conquered and overcome.

Kick fear out of your life and keep moving to make your dreams come true!

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