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Exploring the benefits of mindfulness

28th February 2024 | 4 Views

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Mindfulness is attaining a state where you find peace in your surrounding and  within yourself. 

Mindfulness is similar to meditation but  meditation is sit in one place then focus on mind movement  , on the other hand, mindfulness is doing daily work or routine work with mindful mindset. 

Nowadays, we are hanging between past and future. Stuck between regret or anxious That’s why most of us, does not able to focus on work. 

Here, I am help you to start your mindfulness journey, 

How you just simply start to cultivate your mind or be focused on more things. 

This is first simple step you can with 

Body scan meditation :- if you are always like to zoned out and lost in thoughts then you should try this one on daily basis. 

How to do :- 

First, sit down in a comfortable position like you sit in meditation, they start taking 4-5 deep breath and focus on it. 

Then, take a deep breath and think ” your body carry out this Oxygen to your toes ” 

Second breath, your body carry out this oxygen to your foot 

Then, your legs, thigh, hips, belly and so on…………. 

Take deep breath while thinking about your body part. By this activity you are actually aware about your breath and it is whole busy day your are not able to think about your body , at this moment, you are present with your body. 

Have faith in yourself first. 

Manisha Kumari



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