Whispers of the Earth

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28th February 2024 | 3 Views
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Beneath the open sky’s gentle gaze,
Nature unveils its tale in a tranquil daze.
Leaves, akin to dancers, engage in a gentle prance,
A rhythm, a silent dance, within the meadow’s expanse.

A babbling brook hums a soothing song,
Reflecting dreams as it meanders along.
The sun’s warm kiss bids farewell to the day,
A golden hue, painting the world in a renewed array.

In the forest, trees share a whispered chat,
Nature’s symphony, a harmonious spat.
Crickets join, a twilight serenade,
Echoes of a timeless, nocturnal escapade.

A lone firefly, a celestial guide,
Illuminates the dusk, a mystical tide.
Stars emerge, tales within the cosmic scroll,
A celestial dance, a captivating stroll.

In shadows, memories gently unfold,
Whispers of stories, ancient and bold.
Silent reflections in a moonlit swirl,
A dance of life, an eternal twirl.

As the moon ascends in its celestial gleam,
Nature’s poetry, a mesmerizing theme.
A cycle complete, in this cosmic grandstand,
Nature imprints its mark on the timeless sand.


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