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Impact of advise—

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Sukarma Thareja

30th March 2024 | 7 Views
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I teach science in government school. When I was young in my profession I always used to follow #advice of my senior teachers. I always believed in learning from #experienced people. I learnt many useful #tricks from my respected mother in law. How nicely she would handle #difficult situations. 

Now in this era of science technology, I sometimes #advice my younger colleagues. But #opinion of society in general have changed a lot. If my friends see me #advising younger colleagues, they make fun of me. My friends tell me “madam stop #advising, no body wants to listen to your  stereo type advise. On other hand they are make fun of you madam”.

Now after many years I meet many people with home I got opportunity to interact at any platform.They sometimes tell me “madam we are following your valuable advise. ” Inside  my heart I feel happy. 

I am in the habit of giving #positive compliment to student/teachers if I find some thing #unique in their ways of #approaching problem. Other day I met my old student he told me ” Madam your positive complements about my way of #approaching problems have given me #strength. When I sit alone and always thank you for your #encouragement. “

I strongly believe that it is not that only one can help people  around one by giving #monetary and physical help. People can be helped by #someone‘s #positive compliment and #advice


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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