The fig tree

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The brown glow of dawn has just begun to spread beyond the city of Jerusalem. The golden dome of the temple began to shine brightly. John, who was walking in front of Jesus, smiled at the sight.Looking back, he felt that Jesus was looking for something else. Others talked and walked quietly. Judas counted and put the coins in his bag, which was his favorite pastime.

John came again to the side of Jesus. Jesus walked briskly because the road was now well lit by the morning light.

“Teacher, do you need anything?” John asked hesitantly.

Before he could answer, Peter had caught them.

 “What’s wrong?”

Jesus looked at Peter, “No, Peter, we haven’t eaten since yesterday morning and I’m hungry. I wonder if we can find something to eat.”

“I ask Judas, he always has something in reserve…”

Jesus interrupted: “No, he has nothing. Didn’t I tell you not to worry about tomorrow? What will you eat or drink? ?”

Peter looked at John, who seemed to be expecting it.

“I think there are figs on that tree,” Jesus pointed out.

They looked and saw in the distance a fig tree full of leaves.

Peter was surprised.”But how can that be? It’s not fig season!”

John was equally amazed.Jesus has already walked to the tree.

“Could this be his doing? Isn’t the Bread Multiplier good at it too?” John thought out loud.

Peter had to admit that there was a point.The pursuers hurried after them out of curiosity and respect, hearing the noise. Jesus was already at the foot of the tree when they arrived.

“Let no one eat your fruit again!”

The disciples heard this as they approached. The leaves lost their luster and there were no figs.

“Teacher, why did you say that? It is not yet the time for figs to blossom!”Jacob asked aloud what they were all thinking.

Jesus turned to them all.”Didn’t you see the tree come out?”

They all shook their heads.

“When will the fig tree come out?”He asked again.

“It will go away when it would bear fruit,” replied Andrew.

“Yes, now is not the season for figs or leaves, but it has now come out and deceives those who see it to expect fruit. “

The apostles looked at each other in confusion another”What does he mean?”

Jesus understood their confusion and explained:”Have I not said many times that the greatest sin before God is hypocrisy – pretending to have what you do not have , what the fig tree did and what the Pharisees and lawyers are doing. Be careful, then, that you too do not fall into it.”

Jesus continued on his way. The apostles followed thoughtfully. The sun’s rays began to fall on the temple towers. People from the city began to flow again. Judas was still counting coins behind him..

Dileep PaulLast Seen: Mar 26, 2024 @ 3:52pm 15MarUTC

Dileep Paul


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