Verses of Tranquil Whispers

27th February 2024 | 1 Views

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Beneath the tender azure sky’s watchful eye,
Nature’s whispers weave a tranquil lullaby.
Leaves dance in the breeze, a soft embrace,
A rhythm familiar, like an old friend’s grace.

In the babbling stream’s gentle hum,
Reflections waltz, like in a cherished sum.
The sun bids adieu, a warm caress,
Painting the horizon in hues of gold and tress.

Branches rustle, a woodland’s song,
Nature’s melody, a heart’s serenade strong.
Crickets sing in twilight’s refrain,
Serenading the night, a timeless campaign.

A lone firefly, a lantern’s glow,
Guiding through dusk’s soft throw.
Stars emerge, tales in cosmic ink,
A celestial narrative, a timeless link.

Amidst shadows, a tranquil realm,
Whispers echo, the past’s heartfelt helm.
In quiet reflections, life’s swirl,
A gentle reminder of the cyclic twirl.

As the moon ascends, a celestial gleam,
Nature’s poetry, a mesmerizing theme.
A cycle complete, in this cosmic arc,
A reminder that nature, too, leaves its mark.


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