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A teenager

Rohan ChauhanLast Seen: Apr 8, 2024 @ 7:16am 7AprUTC
Rohan Chauhan

27th February 2024 | 8 Views
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My name is Rohan. I originally belong from Uttrakhand (India).I belong from a middle class family.My father has 3 siblings,one older brother,one younger brother and one younger sister.My tau ji is a government official in Food Corporation of india,My Chacha ji is currently serving as DC in Crpf and my bua ji is married to a reputated civil servant and if you ask me what my father do well he is a farmer.Farmer?you will say he must be weak in his studies well that’s not the truth.He is the most intelligent of them.Then you will ask that why is he a farmer then if your whole family is so well to do.Well my father completed his 12th in first division but he eventually had to stop his studies because of a sacrifice he made.My family is very much reputated in the whole mountain area and people respect our family very much.So to get a job a person must come to the plain area like big cities and work there and they could not live in mountain any more.My grandfather was worried that who will look after his village house and who will maintain that reputation.My father knew this and he sacrificed his career for this reputation. Currently I am living in Ludhiana (Punjab) with my tau ji.I was 4 years old when I came here to pursue my education as Punjab is highly developed. I got all the love from tau ji and tai ji but sometimes I feel that I have to get a job so my parents living in Village can have a good life.Staying 300 kms away from your parents and meeting them only twice a year is not a easy job but I knew that I have to stay strong to have a better life.You may think that I am creating a emotional drama but only I know the pain of staying away from your parents.

Thank you 

Rohan ChauhanLast Seen: Apr 8, 2024 @ 7:16am 7AprUTC

Rohan Chauhan


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