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Last Minute Tips for Scoring Well in PTE Exam

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27th February 2024 | 5 Views
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If you have taken the PTE mock test, you would know that it is not just a test but, an experience.

The PTE exam has become quite popular over the years. Scoring well in the exam is challenging but not difficult. With the right preparation, you can easily get the desired score. This is where your performance in the exam will justify, how well you had done the preparations.

And, note the fact that even if you had done the best preparations using effective PTE exam tips, you would still need multiple revisions and practices to ace the exam. However, if you lose your confidence or get nervous, all your hard work will go in vain.

The following blog will help you with a few last minute tips to get it all right. Keep reading!

Last Minute Tips to Score Well in PTE Exam

Take the test in the earlier hours of the day than the later ones

It is a fact that our body and mind is more active during the early hours of the day than the later ones. After the noontime, both the body and the mind start responding less and minimum productivity. Therefore, take your PTE exam in the earlier slots to ensure you are giving the exam with fresh mind and attentiveness. This small tip will help you make the most of your exam.

Expect a noisy and a chaotic exam room

Trust us when we say that the environment of the exam room will be no less than a crowd place. It will be noisy all around and chaotic with hundreds of individuals making it through the exam. The reason being, PTE exam centres are not the same as you expect i.e., quiet and disciplined. Instead, you will find the candidates speaking loudly in their microphones during their speaking test. And not to forget the distraction of the sound of keyboards tapping really fast to finish the section in time. These things can be frustrating and annoying especially, when you are trying to focus on your exam. So, be prepared at the time of your actual exam day.

Practice and prepare in a loud place

Continuing the previous point, it might sound crazy to you but, try practicing or revising your questions in a noisy or loud place. This is the best and practical way to prepare yourself for such an environment. It might not seem a good idea first but, once you are in the actual exam room, you will notice the difference. You will be able to give the exam peacefully even in a loud place. Practicing this tip will help you focus on your questions better and do the exam well.

Do not start with the speaking section

Here is an unconventional tip that can turn out to be the most useful one. Do not start with the speaking section or try not be the first one to start with it. The reason being, you may feel distracted with everyone around you doing their exam and making noise. You will not know how to cope up with that and give your best. You can instead, let others speak first and you can cover the rest of your PTE exam’s sections. Meanwhile, you will get to know the environment around you that will further help you give your exam in a well-mannered way.

Take the Mock Tests

PTE exam is no fun, you have to be serious about it. Speaking of which, PTE mock tests give you the real example of how the actual PTE exam will be. So, take as many mock tests as you can. This will help you in ways that no other tip can. You can take online PTE mock tests, which is practical and flexible for many students. You can set goals like completing the exam within time, writing speed, improving vocabulary, focus, and more, and try achieving them through your mock tests.


Connect PTE is a place where all your PTE exam needs are sorted. With our team of experts, you can rest assured knowing that your preparation is done with the most effective and practical tips. Nothing can stop you from securing good scores in the exam. So, why wait? Contact our team today!

connect pteLast Seen: Mar 6, 2024 @ 7:04am 7MarUTC

connect pte



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