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Nature’s Whispers

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Wes Baltzell

26th February 2024 | 2 Views
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In the heart of the wild, where whispers gently intertwine,
Nature reveals its secrets, narratives so fine.
With a breeze playing the role of a cunning narrator,
Leaves share a laugh, a co-conspirator.

Within the forest’s dialogue and the river’s lyrical hum,
Creatures dance, an animated thrum.
No script governs the Earth’s grand symphony,
A spontaneous melody of boundless glee.

The sun, a masterful painter, strokes hues on the land,
Splattering colors with an artistic hand.
A spiderweb, delicate in the morning grace,
A hidden masterpiece in its secret place.

The spider, a skilled architect in the dew-kissed morn,
Whispers to the wind, secrets reborn.
No rehearsals for this intricate ballet,
Nature’s wit, a divine display.

Each dewdrop, a jewel on the silken line,
Reflecting the world in a design so fine.
A cosmic jest, a morning delight,
Nature’s creativity, a radiant light.

A symphony echoes through sights, sounds, and cheer,
Nature’s stage, beckoning us near.
In this lively theater, we discover our space,
A harmonious existence, an eternal embrace.

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