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Enjoying Your Motherhood—

26th February 2024 | 7 Views

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I am science teacher in government school. I am also #mother of two adolescent kids. 

I must say ₹₹motherhood is pleasant journey in many aspects. But at the same time sometimes this journey gi es mother #emotional jerks. 

  Every #mother enjoys her little toddler’s activity, but at the same time she is #anxious when her toddler will start going for play #school. That mother’s anxiety can not be explained in words. 

My daughter was very good in swimming. It was very #proud moments for me (mother) when my daughter used to get medals in #sports activity. But when my daughter used to go for sports activity out side #district, I used to feel #emotionaly drained. The whole time was spent by me(mother) in counting of time moment, and waiting when my #daughter will be back home. In other words #motherhood journey is like preparing child for future challenges, but always asking oneself (mother)has she done enough? 

#Mother hood journey do give mother proud and Peaceful moments. But entire journey of #motherhood has many challenges. Mother feels lost when her #nest get empty. . It is very difficult  for #mother to accept that her children have #grown up and will gradually  make their #own life path. It takes lot amount of time and courage for #mother to come to new terms of new phase of #motherhood

Some mothers in their #motherhood journey  do take some break from professional journey to concentrate on #motherhood journey. 

Moral. – Motherhood journey of any mother is full of #difficult situations. Mothers handle those situations with grace and #compassion

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