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Chezado Kingdom in the west of Atlanta is a blessed kingdom.It has the strongest Army ,the most fertile land and very prestigious ornaments .The city in the kingdom is amazing and people all over the world come over to experience the luxury and cool environment here.On top of All this it has the pritiest princess in the universe.

Alber has all the features any woman woulf want to have .She has a brown complexion,blonde hair, moderate height ,blue eyes ,a ringy kneck ,a slender upper body with sharp pointed breast ,her small waist , protruding hips and slender legs brings her unique body.On top of this she has a melodious voice which leaves everyone mesmerized whenever she stands out to speak.

Her Father ,King Hezan valued her .so much .He made sure that Alber had gotten the best education .One thing he could not tolerate was people Messing around with Alber.He ensured she was accompanied with bodyguards every minute.

One day Alber left the palace to visit the City .She requested her Father to allow her to be alone for the city was safe but The king could not allow it.Alber decided to give in but when she got outside,she made a deal with the bodyguard. In a minute she thought of sending him back to the palace but changed her mind and decided to give him money and told him to go home and visit his family.

The guard was to come back at down to pick her back home.

The guard was happy . He quickly boarded a bus and went to Orlando a small local town few kilometers from The city.

In the City Alber visited the ice cream shop and reminded herself of the childhood memories . At some point she fell unease because of how people were looking at her .She felt like disappearing but had to collect her guts and Walk through the streets.

She  decided to go to the cinema hall to watch some live performances.There, she knew no one will look at her instead eyes will be glued on the podium .

She entered the cinema hall and coincidentally,there was a nice show going on .It had romantic scenaries which left her with the urge to fall in love .She felt the thirst to be in love .

The performance was so lively and uncomparable.Alber was so much moved and at this point didn’t think about anything else but love.She wanted to experience the sweetness of love ,she wanted to show love to someone but she had not met the rightful person . 

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