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25th February 2024 | 3 Views

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That ungrateful wretch of a child seemed lost,

Her mother protective but at what cost.

Her words scattered in the scythe like winds,

Silence is the only option death lends.



Thank you to the ones that protect me,

For you allow me to make mistakes.

Thank you to the ones who truly see me,

For you act as my shelter in the bad days.


Thank you for the ones I lost along the way,

You taught me much and kept me company.

Thank you for the ones who kept my insecurities at bay,

I could only thrive due to your luscious lee.


Thank you to the ones that caused me hurt,

Your existence told me what I should never be.

Thank you to the ones who flirted with my anger , tortured,

For you have borne with you my pity.


Restless, relentless and repetitive,

On any other day they may seem deceptive

But my thank yous today are heartfelt,

Because for a little while it healed what fate had dealt.

Samisha Pant



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