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poem: recalling the past

Durga ShiwakotiLast Seen: Mar 21, 2024 @ 6:40am 6MarUTC
Durga Shiwakoti

25th February 2024 | 2 Views

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poem:recalling the past


in this loneliness

with my deserted heart
while I miss
my bygone days
that always peep
through my memory,
that always linger
at the front of mind,
which is always present
even in my thought
which is even today
dwelling in my soul,
while examine inner self
I wonder and confuse
either was it my goal?

How fool I were
you had swept away me
in the flow of
your false tears
which I thought
were the precious pearl.
Now, I am here
being a parted
with scattered
pieces of heart
as the return of
my devoted
love and affection
oh my cruel
selfish pal!

That were you
I remember
who used to sob
with my pains
making me rich enough
being boastful
along with my gains.

your friendship was
fruitful to me
and your support
was a bliss,
being unable
to erase them
alas! I still miss.

neither ‘m dead
nor alive too
oh my slow poison!
It’s because of you.

I’m watching every day
I’m hearing each span
your progress is towering
stepping away from me
ask honestly my dear!
to the core of your soul
are you advanced really?


Durga ShiwakotiLast Seen: Mar 21, 2024 @ 6:40am 6MarUTC

Durga Shiwakoti



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