Mahasu Devta

25th February 2024 | 7 Views

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Mahasu Devta

Uttrakhand is land of Gods. Here

many religious places like Kedarnath

ji, Badrinath ji and many more

places are there. The people of

uttrakhand have a great faith in

God. They believe in many Devi

and devtas. These devtas and devis

rule certain areas of the region. The

practice of worshipping devi and

devtas is also seen in Himachal

Pradesh.I belong from a region

called jaunsar bawar which although

comes in Uttrakhand but has a

culture very similar to Himachal

Pradesh as it was part of Sirmour

region of Hp. These area are ruled

by 4 Mahasu brothers. Mahasu’s

real meaning is Mahashiv. Mahasu is

not the name of 1 God but it’s the

name of 4 Mahasu brothers.


brothers are Bashik Mahasu, Botha

Mahasu, Pawasi Mahasu, Chalda

Mahasu.These brothers have divided

certain territories of uk and Hp upon

which they rule.l belong from region

ruled by Botha Mahasu. These Gods

are called the God of justice. The

main temple of Mahasu brothers is

called hanol temple which was built

by 5 Pandavas.

Thank you

Rohan Chauhan



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