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It’s 20 years since the unforgettable event took place.

Monica was born in a village in Rosendo in the western region .She was raised up in a religious background and moral values never left her even in a second.

Her Mother Ms. Madiva did her best to ensure she got all she needed as a girl.

Every one in the village admired Monica’s Good behaviour.Everyone applauded her wherever she did the right thing.

 Monica studied in a prestigious school in her early years Education and was a high achiever.Her mother Madiva had a lot of hope in her.

She denied herself all the luxuries in the world to see Monica through her Education.

Madiva a renown Farmer ,sold all her farm products for there survival .

At a certain point ,she was unable to pay Monica’s fee balance for her last year in school .

Madivas having a lot of hope in Monica decided to sell of the small piece of land she had together with their house and resolved to leave in a rental house with hopes that her daughter will change the situation after a short while.

This was coming to a reality when Monica finally graduated.

Unfortunately,on her way back home after the grand event, she lost her life in a road accident.

Madiva was devasted and broken as she had no one to turn to at this point.

Faith NekesaLast Seen: Mar 7, 2024 @ 10:58am 10MarUTC

Faith Nekesa



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