Infinite Affection

Wes BaltzellLast Seen: Apr 17, 2024 @ 11:45am 11AprUTC
Wes Baltzell

22nd February 2024 | 4 Views

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In the eternal waltz of time, where moments playfully alight,
Love weaves tales whispered in the softest night.
No bounds constrain, it’s an endless spree,
A cosmic odyssey with no final decree.

Under the moon’s conspiratorial beam,
Love’s narrative flows with a natural gleam.
No scripted lines, just an earnest blend,
A passionate saga that refuses to bend.

Laughter pirouettes on joy-laden gusts,
Tickling hearts, lifting spirits in trusts.
No rehearsed giggles, just joy to send,
A love symphony that refuses to end.

Through emotion’s labyrinth, hand in hand,
Navigating a landscape forever grand.
No charted courses, just love to extend,
A journey of hearts that eternally transcend.

As the sun embraces the horizon’s warm glow,
Love paints the sky with hues that grow.
No ordinary farewells, just a poetic amend,
In the lingering echoes, time and love suspend.

Cheers to the dance, the laughter, the cheer,
A love tale echoing, crisp and clear.
No commonplace narrative, just a cosmic trend,
In the limitless expanse of love without end.

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