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Raising Voice—-

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Sukarma Thareja

22nd February 2024 | 7 Views

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I am science teacher in government school. I had very #brilliant student Radha in my class. I had made her monitor of class. She was very #meticulous in her work. She had scientific aptitude. For executing small science experiment in lab I  always used to take her help. She used to give new ideas to group mates involved in #executing science experiment. She had good skill of making report of experiment. I always used to suggest other students of my class to #consult Radha before submitting report of science experiment. 

Unfortunately Radha had habit of #raising voice with her friends when they were not able to follow her instructions. Since Radha was in habit of #raising voice so other students always used to complain me “Madam Radha is good leader but she #raises her voice when ever we are not able to implement her instructions. We feel madam Radha has #superiority complex. “

I called Radha and said “Radha it is not good to #raise your voice while giving your valuable consultations to fellow students. Please practice #self control to make yourself better science student. It is better to raise your words. Using words which give #positive appeal in argument with fellow students always bring #positive results.’ ‘Radha started following my advise and I observed she used to try her best not to #raise voice with fellow friends and students. Radha became a better #leader. She herself realised that positive change in her personality has made her more #accepted and popular leader  of students. 

Moral – #Raising voice is not going to help one to make one’s argument effective. It is better make efforts to #raise positive words in one’s argument #statement

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