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Master Your Mind: Revealing the Best Practices for Attaining Mental Peace

25th February 2024 | 8 Views

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In a fast-paced and tumultuous world, attaining mental peace and happiness has become one of the primary concerns of every individual. Mental Peace is required for one’s emotional and physical well-being. By embracing a few practices into our daily routine, we can unlock the power of mental harmony and happiness as a lifelong journey.

What is Mental Peace  :

Mental Peace is not about staying away from negativity or challenges. It is all about exploring through them with serenity and versatility. It needs a lot of mindfulness and understanding. Mental Peace helps maintain clarity of thought, make correct decisions and have a life with a purpose. 

I was going through a depressive phase in my life where I felt lonely and empty. The practices that I have mentioned below helped me kick-start my life again.

Rehearsing Meditation and Yoga:

“Meditation and Yoga have always been a way of life for any successful person”, I always heard this from my elders and it’s a fact. Meditation allows you to control stress and anxiety and is helpful for your overall well-being. Yoga helps keep fit and motivated to achieve your goals with passion.

Inculcating Physical Exercise and Self-Care

In this tech-savvy world, we millennials and Gen-Z are so career-oriented and so busy with our kids, that everyone is running in the fast world to take control of one’s growth, that we hardly find time for ourselves. Even when we sit around aimlessly, we are on our cell phones or laptops.

“Do you feel this will help you achieve mental peace in the long run ?”

This is what happened even to me in the last couple of years, and I was sleep-deprived and dependent on medications.

This, my friend, is not the solution. You need to find time for yourself, pamper yourself, take a walk by the park or do some jogging, a little bit of physical training of your muscles and tone them. 

For my beautiful ladies, spend time reading your favourite novel or playing your favourite game with your toddlers, doing a little bit of skincare or listening to your favourite music or podcast, and most importantly realizing your worth. Engage yourself in activities that bring joy and peace to you.

“If the mind is healed, rest all fall into place”.

Developing a Positive Outlook :

A negative mind brings negative thoughts which in turn bring negative actions, leading to decreasing the productivity in your work and creating a negative impression of you in your workplace, in your house and even within yourself. This leads to self-doubt, lowers your confidence level and makes you feel isolated.

Now, try to change this, and every day that you get up, say a little prayer to yourself :

” I can do “
“I will do”
“I have to do”
“I am the best”.

Do not ponder over past mistakes because that pushes you into self-blame and regret.
Mental Peace and happiness is not a one-day plan, it needs time, effort, and practice. This requires a small mind game that you can play with yourself. 

Let’s say, You have a difficult exam, you are all set and ready, yet there is a fear of not being able to answer the paper correctly.. Always say ” I have done my best, everything will be fine”. Try and be optimistic and reframe negative circumstances into open doors.

Building Healthy Relationships and Setting Boundaries :

Many people around you will always look for different opportunities to humiliate you, challenge you, question you, comment on every point, pointing your weaknesses and counting them, instead of your strengths. Do not let them control your emotions and mind. Try and observe, if it is a repetitive action by the individual, keep your distance from them and set your boundaries with them. 

Based on my personal experience, it is my suggestion to try and make few but impactful friends, rather than having many who accompany you for their benefit. Say “No” if you feel something is not right and prioritize your self-respect. Be vocal about your aspects when in an argument. Respect for seniors and love for your younger ones is important, but your self-respect is also equally valuable. Always surround yourself with people who have a positive and affirming impact on you, those who believe in you are optimistic and have self-compassion.

 Seeking Professional Support :

There are times when even after consistent practice and dedication to following the above-mentioned steps, we fail to achieve true peace and tranquility. In such scenarios, do not hesitate to discuss your pain with a family member you rely on.

You can also seek medical or professional help like mental therapists, counsellors, and psychologists. Seeking professional help is a sign of strength and courage. Mental health is as important as physical health.
“The most important discovery in life is to know yourself.”

Attaining Mental Peace is an extraordinary journey. Calmness of mind can help you cross huge hurdles in life. Watching your mind is as significant as watching your health. Never compare your achievements with others, Everyone has their own unique and special journey. Be patient and celebrate every step towards mental harmony.

“Expectations from others is fine, but expecting to be the better of your own self is the best.” 
If you remain happy , you will make everyone around you happy.

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Munmun Panda



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