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When opposites do react, but the product is not formed!

Sanvi ShandilyaLast Seen: Mar 17, 2024 @ 3:58pm 15MarUTC
Sanvi Shandilya

17th March 2024 | 10 Views
Milyin » 564042 » When opposites do react, but the product is not formed!

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This is a real story. An account of how people come in one’s life, make memories, make them feel special, and then disappear. 

There was a girl, let her be X. She was academically strong. Apart from academics, she had her hidden talent too which was not hidden, actually. She was a great singer and could write poetries that could wipe your heart out! She was kind, sweet, childish but at the same time she was sarcastic, and had the courage to speak anything that she wants but smartly and in a less hurting way. She loved boxing, practicing hours on her terrace throwing punches and kicks. 

You, the readers, are thinking that how did she managed everything. Academics, sports, creativity, right? The answer to this question is still not known. 

She was a very open minded girl and had all her future plans arranged in a well planned way in her brain. One thing that she had no interest in was stuff like love, romance, gossips, etc. She had one thing clear in her mind that no one could beat her, she could not lose in anything. To like someone was like giving her mind’s control to the other person. And to her, there was not a single soul she would give that control to.

However, when she was 17, a guy did came into her life. 

From here the story is just like a ‘enemies to lovers’ or ‘he fell first but she fell harder’ type k-drama but this is a real one. However, her life has been no less than a k-drama!

On the first day when she met him, let him be Y, she was totally convinced that he had nothing more than attitude, anger and stuffs like that. She did not even cared that a guy named Y existed. Unlike her other friends, who were literally a ‘fan’ of him, she disliked him. She did not even looked towards his face for even once. 

One day, she decided to concentrate and listen to what he says, how he says, how is he really. It was a kind of meeting where Y was to give a kind of presentation. (The scenario was not actually same as I’m writing, but please assume it!)

She looked into his eyes, which were deeper than ocean. His voice as cheerful as a butterfly. Y looked towards her (I think he must be thinking that this why is she watching me like this!!). And he just looked towards her! (I told you it is like a k-drama) For the first time, her heart skipped a beat for a boy. She started to feel nervous, her cheeks and ears went red (which her friend told afterwards). It was this moment which made her feel that she was losing her control, and that was for the first time.

From that day onwards, they did started to had a few short conversations, most of which were academic related. X (the girl) started to realise that he was not as bad as she had thought before. Rather, he was kind, mature, and responsible. Once, she got a chance to spend some time with him and that’s when she realised that how caring he was. Unlike X, who was always in craziness, Y was calmer and more peaceful. Thinking of him, she always said that ” He is a Man and that too, a Gentleman! ” 

But as our title said , the product of their reaction was not seen. What I mean by saying this is they did had a few special moments, unforgettable ones but – One day he left. She could not even say him a proper goodbye. She could not even thank him for his presence. So, when opposites react but product is not formed, this happens! 

However, after some time of self realisations, she concluded that he may not have felt the same way she felt for him. He may not have considered her as important as she considered him. He may not have been as sad as she had been after he left. 

She did lost to someone. She did gave her mind’s control to someone. But maybe, it was for the first and for the last time. She is still not interested in love, romance, destiny. And her heart has never again skipped a beat. 

Are you thinking that how do I know her deep feelings? Dear reader, because it was me! I am X.

Sanvi ShandilyaLast Seen: Mar 17, 2024 @ 3:58pm 15MarUTC

Sanvi Shandilya


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