My Story Of Falling In Love With A Sport: Badminton…

20th February 2024 | 23 Views

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190089 Bmbsppqnvj 1683893180Actually, there are a lot of reason why badminton is the best sport for me but first of all, it has a really big importance for me because I met badminton with the request of my best friend. I was reluctant to start playing badminton when he introduced it to me, and when I started to play badminton I was so bad at it that I couldn’t even touch the shuttlecock (the badminton ball) with my racket :D. 


I was really bad at it but surprisingly I made a big improvement in a month and I began to love badminton more and more. Just in a few months, I became as good as my best friend who had been playing badminton for years. I was so happy and proud of myself haha :D.


Suddenly, I made such a big improvement that I started to win my best friend and my trainer in training matches. My coach was very proud of me and that gave me so much happiness :). Just in 4 months, I became a professional and went to my first ever tournament match with my team. We were so excited and it was our first experience…


Unfortunately, our team randomly matched with the best and the most experienced team of the city, and they eliminated us in our first matches with them. Although we couldn’t win the tournament, we got a lot of experience from it and entertained a lot! It was my and my team’s first experience of a badminton tournament, and when we got back home, even though we didn’t get a win or cup, we were very happy as if we had won the tournament :D.


I also continued to play badminton after those good memories and I still play badminton, join tournaments, championships; with the ambition and enthusiasm of the first day when I first met badminton… 

Shradd Artsozka



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