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Why do some animals have eyes that sparkle at night?

20th February 2024 | 16 Views

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Have you ever noticed a cat’s eye gleaming in the shadows? Its glowing yellow eyes are visible in the dark, but you cannot see its body. In a similar manner, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and lions all have glowing eyes. Why don’t our eyes glow in the dark, do you know?

Certain animals have a thin membrane made of a unique material called vitreous in their eyes. As light falls on it, it reflects back. Its eye shine is due to this reflected light. The animal’s eyes are made of a substance that resembles crystal, so whatever light that does fall on them at night is reflected. These animals have the ability to see objects clearly in the dark, much like sunlight does on a mirror. ‘Nocturnal animals’ is what we term them. The cat’s retina has a “luminous tapeto” behind it. There is a layer of material that resembles crystals. It reflects light. The cat can therefore see in low light. Its eye reflects light that strikes it. Man’s eye is not able to shine because it lacks a lens like that. There are plenty of other creatures whose eyes are dull.

Animals differ from one another in terms of eye luster color as well. The quantity of blood vessels in their eyes determines this. Animals with higher blood vessel counts have reddish-colored eyes. Should there be fewer of these, the luster will have a white or light yellow hue.

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