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How to Use Apple AirTags on Android

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AirTags are Bluetooth tracker button-like devices that are used to track small belongings like keyrings, wallets, and many others that we may lose more often. It helps owners to locate their lost items. It works on iPhone’s Find My Network.

Rolled out in April 2021, Apple’s Airtag is launched for iPhone users to track their small belongings. But what about the Android users?

Can Android users use Apple’s AIrtag? Does it work on Android devices?   

Well, in this post, we are going to talk about airtags for Android, and how they work on various devices.

How Apple  AirTags Works

Airtags For Android

The most useful Apple Airtags are the best solution to keep tracking your small belongings.

It is a small button-like Bluetooth-enabled device that you can fit in your small belongings and stay updated with their whereabouts. 

Introduced for Apple devices, it works on Bluetooth tracker technology, the Find My Network, and the broad spectrum of Apple’s ecosystem. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy abbreviated as BLE to establish a connection with Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, etc. Communicating very short distances drains less battery power.  

To set it on your small belongings, you need to attach the Airtag to the belongings you wish to track and can track it by associating it with your Apple ID. Airtags consists of an NFC chip that is compatible with Apple’s Find My Device network. Using this tracking procedure gives you the accurate location of your small belongings.  ff

With a built-in speaker, it can produce sounds to help you locate your attached belongings which can trigger sounds from the Find My App. It appears in the Apple devices “Find My devices” items tab. 

How AirTags Works with Android Devices

When it comes to knowing whether AirTags can be used for Android phones, the simple answer is “No” Airtags is not compatible with Android as it can not connect with Apple’s Find My Network. Still, there is a probability that someone might use Airtags for unethical purposes like stalking them by attaching the Airtags to someone’s else, belongings to track their whereabouts.

In certain instances when someone loses their Airtgas and is stolen by someone else, then there is a risk of losing your confidential information. 

To overcome such a situation Google and Apple collaborated and enabled Android users to access  Airtag’s information which means despite not having access to Airtags, Android users can still scan it for having access to the information.

Ways to Track Airtags On Android Devices

Unfortunately, you can not track Airtags automatically using our Android phone rather you can opt for the air tags alternative  “Tracker Detect” which will enable you to scan the information displayed on Airtags near you.

 To scan Airtags information you need to get into the app and start scanning. It is a pretty easy step to do Here is how.

  • All you need to do is to open the “Trcaker Detect” app on your device

  • Tap on an “ A Scan”.

  • If any Airtags are near you, it will scan, if not you can stop it manually.

  • If any nearby Airtags are detected, you can make the Airtags play sound and you can get it easily.

  • If the Airtgas you have found is not yours, still you can access more information about it. For doing so, you need a NFC compatible device, that every Android device has. Now keep the Airtags, on the top of your Android.

  • You will be redirected to the Apple website from where you can carve the details of the Airtag’s Owner along with the Airtag ‘s serial number.

  • If it’s your Airtag, you won’t need to do anything to access your AirTag’s stuff.

To take a deeper dive into it, must visit the site once.

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