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Uncertainty of life; the overthinking into the abyss


19th February 2024 | 9 Views

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Have you ever felt you’re present in this world but doubt of your existence….? Like you wanna vanish but thinks if you were even here… 

At last I guess this is what life has carved in every one , some got the knack off living it off but someothers still struggle in it .

Like the students preparing for the competitive exams, some are so prepared that even if they face the hardest questions , they solve it in minute and seconds but other category where eventhough he or she is prepared , they struggles in scoring well as they have these disgusting not hoped bad luck upon them and which makes them never believe in themselves then comes the next category , who hasn’t prepared well as he or she thinks that they’d never be able to crack the exams , the comes the minute ones,the one I belonged to..the ones who knows you’re not capable, so they endup not even bothering to look into the subjects or preparation forthe exams, but here there could be two type of outcomes,  first one where he or she would score bad scores as expected due to lack of preparation and luck but then comes the second one where he or she would score good score eventhough with lack of preparation but presence of luck! 

This just confuses all, not knowing whether to wish upon luck, or to really hardwork, how surprising it is to know that the peoples luck and future is within them and noone ever knows what or how things are going to take place . 

The only goal you can have then is to live the now ! The vanish ain’t going to happen and also the luck, so live the present , not just by existing but by living it for yourself day by day and this is exactly the uncertainty of life!




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