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What Is An ICS File And How To Open It

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19th February 2024 | 16 Views

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The ICS stands for – Internet Calendaring and Scheduling, commonly known as iCalendar. What is an ICS file? – An ICS file is a type of calendar file used for sharing calendar details on email or websites. This is a universal calendar format accessed by different calendar applications such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, and many more. It allows storing calendar information in a file format on the internet.

What information is contained in an ICS file?

An ICS file contains different information about an event in a plain text-based file format. It mostly contains –

  • Event’s location and its title

  • Beginning and ending time

  • Event Summary

How to Open An ICS File?

If you are willing for an ICS file to open, then you will require a compatible application to open it. In many devices, calendar applications are pre-installed (Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple Calendar), just double-click on an ICS file to import the event details. If you attempt to open an ICS file without installing a compatible application, you will receive an alert message “ Windows cannot open this file” and similar alerts for other devices.

If you are unable to open an ICS file in any of the calendar applications, you can open it with a text editor such as Apple TextEdit or Microsoft Notepad,  to view the calendar information.

You can also open an ICS file directly in your browser. Select the ICS file, drag it to the browser windows, and drop the selected file here.

Users want to resolve what is a .ics file. An ICS file uses a file extension – (.ics) that distinguishes it from other file formats. If the ICS file extension does not match the file format, an error will be encountered in accessing the files. 3 different file types use (. ics) file extension –

  • Calendar file

  • IC Recorder Sound File

  • IronCAD 3D Scene

Soft FindLast Seen: Feb 23, 2024 @ 5:30am 5FebUTC

Soft Find



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