What Does The Hourglass On Snapchat Mean (1)

What Does the Hourglass on Snapchat Mean?

19th February 2024 | 11 Views

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Snapchat is a notable social media site for connecting with friends and having excellent user engagement. The maintain engagement with other users, numerous unique features have been introduced on the portal snapchat. One such feature is hourglass on snapchat. If you do not know what does the hour glass mean in snapchat, no worries, you will discover the hourglass meaning in the article. Be with the article.

What Do Hourglasses Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is mainly used to interact with friends using sharing, commenting on uploaded posts, or chatting in text. An hourglass indicates your snapstreak flow with your friends. Since the last snap, when did you last interact with your friend on the Snapchat portal? If the time duration is more than 20 hours, the hourglass emoji will appear next to the name of both users i.e. you and your friend.

It is a reminder from the snapchat portal that your 24-hour snapstreak is going to end soon and if you do not act promptly, your snapstreak will end.

but to comprehend hourglasses completely, you must discover the snap streak feature of snapcaht.

What is Snapstreak?

When you share snaps with your friend at least once in a day and maintain the continuity for at least three days, in this case, your snapstreak will start with your friend. From that moment, a fire emoji displays next to your profile. If you do not exchange any snaps from the last 24 hours, then an hourglass emoji appears next to your profile.

Steps to Remove Hourglass Emoji

You can remove the hourglass emoji. Just maintain the continuity of snapstreak with your friend at least once in 24 hours. Text and voice messages do not count as snap, only photos and video recordings.  Remember, the exchange should be mutual.

Now, you are familiar with what does the hourglass on snap mean. So, enjoy sharing snaps with your friends. 

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