Veiled Wails

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Disclaimer from Creator: This poem is nothing but how I feel and suffer, both mentally and physically. All my pain is described by mentioned violent images.

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“It’s so simple, yet so twisted,  

Wish I could tell you why I am so pissed.

It’s hurting, it’s hurting a lot,

I don’t even know what is the plot.

A dagger piercing deep sorrow of my heart,

As it struggles for breath but my crushed hopes thwart.

Knot in my stomach making me crawl,

The theatre of my mind unfolds a tumultuous brawl.

Hammer, I hammer to unleash my tethered nerves,

My joyful existence to death, it swerves.

I reached my cap and long for cease,

Peel every inch every skin, to me that will be the release.

Existence lingers, neither alive nor perished,

Can’t say as mental health talks are prohibited.

I wish to be born again in a world that let me say,

Maybe in that world, I would die in gay.”

~Spanda 🐼❤️‍🩹

SpandaLast Seen: Feb 26, 2024 @ 6:59am 6FebUTC




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