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They are not we and they are not us

18th February 2024 | 4 Views

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In a distant land where shadows of souls now sleep
From a broken world i hear their hearts still weep
Yet here in my home calm and still
My life dances on, untouched by ill
For in my streets where laughter thrives
The wars cruel reality it barely arrives
“It’s someone else’s fight”, i say
Their skies are dark but…
Mine bright as day
For he is not I
She is not her
They are not we
And they are not us

A daughters last breath i still hear her fathers roars
But in my bubble, behind my closed doors
Here i stand untouched by strife
I realise God has sheilded me from storms of life
It’s not our family
Not our domain
Their cries for peace
Their cries in pain

Yet I still see the shadows loom across the sea
Where Palestine simply fights to be
My complacent heart
My indifferent mind
I see the pain of palestine but it’s my heart that’s gone blind
As long as it’s not my home
As long as it’s not my gate
I’ll live my life and leave theirs to fate 
For he is not I
She is not her
They are not we
And they are not us

Maaz Khan



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