Discover the side effects of following celebrities

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Confirmation bias.

When a celebrity is followed by many people,they build ego that prevents them from caring what others will think about them over what they do.

They start to think that they are perfect at all times and even if they do a mistake that is visible,they will distort around not to agree over their imperfections that we are all surrounded with.

This creates a lot of confusionism in the followers that can digest the mistakes of the celebrity that they follow.The followers will always defend the celebrity,back and forth.

It is very important to use critical thinking over your support to a celebrity.I believe in away of enthusing the value that is in what is done by the celebrity than their personality.A personality behavior might be full of atrocities yet their creativity is full of wisdom.I will say that everyone can become good at something and it can make him to feel so special  and hence being bestowed as celebrity. 

There’s a pride that is built from within  by  celebrities which is sold to the society,it can even become a trend in bandwagon.

This can create more exploitation of nuisances in the society.A lot of celebrities lack handlers that can lay their foundation of virtues to follow yet they are icons that are recognized at everything that they do.

What is priceless in all of us?

Your popularity and reputation will give you many good things.They can also make you lose everything in your entire life.There’s a celebrity in one of African countries who showed his supporting side in politics and it was the government wing which  had been hated by the commoners.This made him to  be trashed at every concert that he goes on.The revellers used to through empty bottles on him in that he can get out of any seen.He became strategical to recognize what many people wanted.

With numerous apologies,he flipped to turn on the opposition side that is loved by many people and guess what? Those who had hated him,they really showed him an endless love.This must create a lesson to us that if you seem to become a public figure,it is better to always maintain good behaviors, don’t openly show your political support and try as much as you can to love people.

What can ruin your reputation.

Reputation is like virginity,you lose it once and even if you apologize,not everyone will understand to  turn away their negative perception on you.

  1. Not taking your responsibility to your family can make some people to underrate you with a thinking that you are just mean.
  2. Being abusive in public.
  3. Lack of self care.
  4. Talking too much might become a problem also.

ABDURAHMAN KAJUMBALast Seen: Apr 9, 2024 @ 1:18pm 13AprUTC




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