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Life of a middle Schooler

17th February 2024 | 5 Views

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Ahhh, what a life! Everything is calm and pleasant thanks to the summer holidays, the hot weather with an ice cream in your hand, and your sitting peacefully. Well, this is the total opposite of my life!

What I mean is that during the summer holidays I have to get twice as busy as usual. Being the only boy in our family makes me understand why.

Doing chores and other work isn’t the worst thing for me. During the summer holidays, we usually go to my grandpa’s house, so that means no video games for at least a month.

And it’s not like you can’t bring the video games to his house. First, he doesn’t want a TV; even if he had a million dollars, he wouldn’t buy one. Secondly, he’s more of a sports guy.

Now, don’t think I’m lazy and always sleepy; I just don’t want to waste my energy on something not my type, and when I’m in a mood to play physical games, this happens to me.

I’m starting to think my life has been tricked or used, like whenever I’m craving snacks and I open a box of candies, I always end up with something else.

31 December

Today, when I woke up, I saw something strange; it was like the clouds were on the rocks! I freaked out and called my dad and asked him if everything was okay, and he said…

When the weather was clear, my mom told me to play outside with my classmates, so I called them over, and they said that they were on their way. Let me just tell you guys, that’s something that doesn’t happen often. 

There is one who just shows a lot of attitude and overconfidence and all kinds of stuff like that. I am starting to wonder why we were ever friends in the first place, but now that we are stuck together, I have to be extra careful or else.               

Well, he isn’t the only one who freaks me out or scares me; they were a lot in my old school, but thankfully we transferred to another place, but here it is not any better; there are some students who are so stupid that it makes me crawl under my desk.

So we played, and of course my friend won the match. On our way back home, the weather started to get foggy quickly, so we ran as fast as we could, but it was too late; we couldn’t see anything; we were totally lost. I tried calling, but after 5 seconds, my phone…

I asked anyone if they had a phone so we could call for help, but they didn’t. We all screamed for help and tried using our other senses, but it was no use. At this point, I started to think that we could even be out of the city somewhere in the desert or something like that.

There was complete silence; nobody was replying, but after an hour (which felt like forever), the weather started getting better, and surprisingly, we were standing in front of our house.

So this kind of thing happens to me all the time. Later today, my friends also came for a sleepover, so that means no homework until tomorrow. We watched a horror movie, and while we were watching, suddenly the electricity went out. We all got a bit scared, so I had to man up and check what was happening.

While I was checking the electricity, we heard something from the kitchen, so we all armored up and went to the kitchen.

We were getting close to our destination, and the voices were getting LOUDER AND LOUDER until we heard him say, “I’ll cut in half!” With that, we all freaked out. We walked slowly and quietly to the kitchen, and there we saw…

A girl wearing white clothes and long black hair in front of her head, we ran as fast as we could, but while we were running, the electricity came back, and I saw that the shy girl was…

My sister, I asked her who she was talking to before, and she said no one. Then we asked the one who she was saying to cut in half, and she said that it was an apple. After that, we all went to sleep as we were all tired of running the whole day. 














Syed Abdullah



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