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Magic of Mitochondria Healthy

27th April 2024 | 6 Views

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I am science teacher in government school. I was teaching structure of general cell in my class. I talked about #mitochondria body present in animal and plant cell. I asked question to class “can any body tell me function of #Mitochondria in cell”

One student said “mitochondria manufacturer #ATP molecules which carry energy to #metabolic reaction in any system”.

I said “without mitochondria a cell will not have any capacity to produce required energy for system and eventually will die. “

I further said ” #mitochondria receive specific molecules like #hydronium and and it recycle ADP into ATP, which makes energetic bond in ATP. That liberated energy is used to manipulate proteins, help in nerves activity and basically keeps one alive. “

Another student asked  “madam!basically we should keep our #mitochondria healthy to keep ourselves healthy. “

I said”there is no magic to keep one’s mitochondria present in one’s cell healthy. One can’t just concentrate on #mitochondria in isolation. What you can do is eliminate all activities on a macro level that can harm your body like drinking alcohol, smoking, not exercising and staying stressed. These things cause body over work to eliminate the #toxic chemicals and thus also #mitochondria goes into overdrive mode to provide energy to a system working hard to clear out the #toxicity.

Moral -Instead of focusing on keeping #Mitochondria healthy, one should focus on living a clean and healthy lifestyle.


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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